Kitchen Countertops– New kitchen countertops can give your kitchen a brand new look.

Full High Backsplash– A backsplash can enhance the look of your kitchen. They can also extend the life of your painted wall.

Bar Tops– Bar tops can be fully customized to show your personality. They also help to create the perfect atmosphere. Acer Granite Corp has many years of experience creating bar tops that are just perfect for your home.

Island Tops-A kitchen island helps to make your time in the kitchen, easier. This space is usually used for prepping food for day to day living and also for entertaining.

Bathroom Vanity Countertops– Bathroom Vanity Countertops are durable and add personality to your bathroom. Acer Granite Corp has many different styles for you to choose from. You can choose one that compliments all of the bathrooms in your home.

Shower Curbs & Shelves– Shower Curbs and Shelves help to prolong the life of your bathroom wall and tile. They help to stop water from splashing out all over your bathroom floor. Shower shelves are the perfect thing for holding shampoos, conditioners, shower gel and more.

Wall Caps– Wall caps can be found near stairs, toilets, and other areas in which you want to add distinction. Wall caps work well in areas that are small in size.

Windowsills– Windowsills come in many sizes and styles. They help to create a finished look to your home.

Table Tops– Granite, quartz and marble tabletops are durable, cost-effective, and elegant.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops-Outdoor Kitchen Countertops help to make your outdoor living more comfortable. With an outdoor kitchen countertop, there is no need to keep running back and forth into the house. Prepping of the food as well as food serving can be done right from your outdoor living area. Find out what type of outdoor kitchen countertops, we, at Acer Granite Corp has to offer its customers.

Fireplace Surrounds-Fireplace surrounds add beauty and charm to your home décor.

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