Another product that we build or install is shower curbs and shelves. These help to make your life easier while in the shower. Shower curbs are the stone flooring at the base of the shower. They are built from stone and need to be installed in a specific way. Let our design professional build you a shower curb that you will enjoy! Placement of the stone tiling is extremely important and is time consuming to those trying to install it themselves. Careful planning must be done in order to get stones of proper size. Getting them installed by professionals insures that the shower curb is tilted slightly towards the inside of the shower. This is done this way for proper drainage. If the installment is not done properly, you may end up with water all over your bathroom floor!

Another product that we design and install in your bathroom is shelves. These shelves are installed In your shower and are used to hold soaps, shower gel and even shampoo. These shelves are also made of stone and could be coordinated to match your shower or floor tile or another color could be used to accentuate your bathroom d├ęcor. Many different stone materials can be used in creating these custom stone bathroom shelves.

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